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The CRAP Test
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Tools, Tips & Techniques  

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Why citation is important?


Smart Searching

Use Boolean Logic Operators (AND, OR, NOT)

All databases rely on the use of Boolean logic operators, even Google.

You can use the words AND, OR, NOT to refine your search terms. (make sure you use capitol letters)

  • OR - Retrieves records that contain all the search terms
  • AND - Retrieves records that contain both search terms and therefore narrows the search. You can also use the + icon instead of AND eg cat AND dog will find sources that contain both the words cat and dog
  • NOT - Eliminates records that contain a search term. eg cats NOT dogs will not show any sites that contain the word "dogs". You can use the - symbol instead of the word NOT

Image from Aberdeen Library website: 

Other Search Operators

  • To search for an exact word or phrase use quote marks "search". For example "human rights law"
  • To search within a specified site or domain. For example, to find all mentions of "human rights" on the ABC website search: human rights
  • To find pages that link to a certain pages. For example find all govenment sites using "au"-  search: 
    human rights
 Truncating Symbols  Example
Use asterisk * to search both pural and single form of word  work* finds work, works
Use asterisk * to search using base or root of a word

work* finds work, works, worker, workplace etc.

 Use question mark ? to substitute letter for multiple spellings 

 organi?ation finds organization, organisation


Destiny Quest & Destiny App

Destiny Quest is the search portal to access Joeys Resources Centre Resources. 

Use Destiny to easily search for books and other print resources, videos, ebooks, websites & databases. 

Log in using your Joeys user name and password for additional features that allow you to:

View personal loan records

Create personalised resource lists

Place books on reserve

Review & recommend books


Destiny App

You are able to access our Joeys resources on your smart phone or tablet.

Open the App Store and type in

"Destiny Quest"

Download this app

Type in the following URL:

Now log in using your school credentials


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